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RI Criminal Defense Attorney

RI Criminal Defense Attorney
Former RI State Prosecutor
Kevin O. Hagan RI DUI Attorney
105 Memorial Blvd. West
Newport, RI 02840
Fax: 401-619-0459
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Newport District Court

Rhode Island DUI Lawyer

Former RI State Prosecutor



Being arrested for the first time in my life at age 55 was nothing to look forward to. The arrest occurred due to drawing my legal carry firearm in a legitimate act of self-defense. This act can assuredly be considered verboten in Rhode Island unless of course you are a member of the Police Union. That is where my adventure/night mare began. The arrest ended up with a night in jail and $50K bail, again a first for me. Kevin took control of the situation immediately and guided me through a lengthy, tedious and very scary process in the confines of a very obscure legal system with utmost confidence and skill. Liberty as promised under the constitution, is a precious thing, and Kevin managed to ensure that I could keep mine. Thank you Kevin.
Great Lawyer, Honest & Fair.

I needed Kevin for representation involved with a Federal Agency. He told me it was not his specialty and that I should get another lawyer, he actually recommended a few . I felt it was more important to have an attorney that I could communicate with. He listens, he understands and he provides great advice. It turned out to be a long drawn out process. He was available nights and weekends, and via text message. He was clear and upfront about $$$. Kevin will tell you the truth about the results he expects to get you, not guaranteed, but the truth. No BS, No Drama. Just Results.
Kevin Hagan Representation

Kevin represented me expertly in my case involving a traffic stop and related issues. Kevin worked diligently for me with all parties involved to allow me to get the best possible outcome for my situation, and counseled me throughout the process.
-Anonymous Client
Complete satisfaction

Kevin is one of the few lawyers who actually care about his clients. He is professional and reassuring. Talks to you like a human being, very knowledgeable about many different scenarios. I used him for myself and have referred him numerous times. Highly recommended.
-Anonymous Client
He’s worth it!

You can tell that Kevin is very experienced and confident in his abilities. He is very personable which was comforting as a client! He assured me from the beginning of my case (after reviewing my information) that we would have a good outcome and we did. I was always kept in the loop about my different court dates and my questions were always answered.
-Anonymous Client
In Good Hands…

Kevin has helped me in a tough situation, twice. He is professional and knowledgeable. There was never a doubt that I was in good hands. Kevin worked with me to achieve the best possible outcome. I can not thank him enough for his hard work.

Mr. Hagan was a phone call away at anytime during my experience working with him, he has excellent communications skills and his staff was a reflection of him. Mr. Hagan did/will go above and beyond for his clients. I was/am satisfied with his performance and result of my matter. Mr. Hagan explained every step of the way and made it very clear on what I had to do to make the situation a smooth one, I would recommend Mr. Hagan to anyone who needs a professional attorney who not only is knowledgeable but personable as well.
Excellent Service and Results

Kevin represented me in a real estate litigation matter for which I was the Plaintiff. Kevin achieved the desired outcome of my case quickly and cost effectively. His strategy, professionalism, and service were excellent. Highly recommend.
-Anonymous Client
Excellent Attorney

When you hire Kevin Hagan you get mote than an attorney, you get a friend. Kevin works hard for you every step of the way and is truly the best around. Thank you Kevin!
Superb attorney!

Attorney Hagan represented me in my divorce. Throughout his representation, he was professional yet understanding. He was prompt to answer all of my questions whether by telephone or e-mail. Throughout the process, he fought hard to obtain more than a fair result for me. I have since referred Attorney Hagan to many friends, family members, and colleagues.
-Anonymous Client
Highly professional, vast expertise, and committed to success!

Kevin Hagan Law has been tremendous in their efforts to assist me as well as the numerous referrals that I have sent their way. Kevin's approach is understanding in nature, but also very simple and direct when a plan is put into play. The office itself is attractive and modern, and the "assistant" is as organized and punctual as you can be. Most importantly, Kevin Hagan Law gets the job done for a price that is affordable for ALL income levels. Your search for an attorney should stop immediately; call Kevin Hagan Law and become their client right away and you'll find yourself posting a similar review.
-Rich Branariz
Great Lawyer

Anyone who knows Kevin Hagan will tell you that he is the best at what he does; criminal defense. Although Kevin Hagan is the most caring and personable attorney that I have ever met, I would never like to find myself arguing against him in court. If you ever find yourself in trouble in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, be sure to make Kevin Hagan your first phone call!
Good morning Kevin - Just a quick note to thank you for helping us. You were not only our brilliant attorney, but our therapist and friend. Thank you for everything.
-Anonymous Client
Kevin - I am writing to thank you again for your excellent work in handling my case. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I look forward to seeing you in the future. Hopefully next time it will be on the golf course and not in an official capacity. Thanks again.
-Anonymous Client
Kevin- I wanted to once again extend my gratitude for your assistance. I was incredibly impressed with the way you handled yourself around the courts and the way you made yourself available for me. Clearly you were the right person for me to connect with. Since I am confident I will never put myself in this position again, I am doubtful we will do business directly down the road : ) However, if I ever have a friend or colleague who runs into a similar situation you will absolutely be the person I recommend. Thanks again.
-Anonymous Client
Kevin, THANK YOU for all that you did for me. I enjoyed working with you and if I could write some review somewhere, I'd give you 5 stars. You were supportive, calm and straightforward. You made my tasks seem easier and kept me collected and thank you for all of your feedback!
-Anonymous Client
Kevin - I don't know where to begin, for starters, you saved my life! I appreciate what you did for me and I am very grateful. Without you I would probably not have a license. I also would like to add that you are a great teacher and I learned the most in your classes and really enjoyed them. Thank you again!
-Anonymous Client
Kevin - I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to help me. I really do appreciate it.
-Anonymous Client
Kevin - Just anted to let you know I really do appreciate all your time. You have helped me and gave me advice and I am so grateful beyond words for your kindness. God bless you and your family.
-Anonymous Client
For the past 15 years, Attorney Kevin Hagan has been successfully defending clients in all types of criminal cases throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Attorney Hagan's extensive experience as a Newport County Prosecutor, Rhode Island Special Assistant Attorney General, and as a private criminal defense attorney have provided him with the skills necessary to successfully litigate criminal cases at the trial level.

If you have been charged with a Rhode Island DUI or DWI, Attorney Hagan will draw on his many years of Rhode Island criminal law experience to help counsel you through every stage of the Rhode Island criminal process and work tirelessly to try to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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If you have been arrested and need a competent and experienced RI criminal defense attorney to immediately take your case on and defend you, contact Rhode Island DUI Attorney Kevin O. Hagan today for a Free Consultation - 401-487-8691
Kevin O. Hagan, Esq.

105 Memorial Blvd. W.

Newport, RI 02840