"The Newport Lawyer"

It has been an exciting and rewarding experience to work and live in Newport, Rhode Island – a city that has captivated me since the time I used to visit as a child. The opportunity to represent the legal interests of others that also live here was spawned as a young prosecutor in the Newport Office of Attorney General, and before that, as a Newport Superior Court Law Clerk. I have been fortunate enough to learn this job from the ground up, training to be a trial lawyer with some of the greatest litigators that have ever practiced in this region. My transition into private practice began under the tutelage of Joseph “Terry” Houlihan, and he spent the time to show me what this profession was all about. Although Terry has recently been elevated to the bench as a District Court Judge, I have gone the route of a solo practitioner, handling primarily family court cases, criminal cases and accident cases of every variation. Newport enjoys a close knit bar, and it has truly been a privilege to be able to serve the residents of Newport County and try a few cases along the way!